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The Case

3D compound aluminium alloy framed structure with the latest compound dual layered adiabatic panel make the new AHU with real cold bridge free design, which avoids the energy loss caused by cold bridge leakage and condensation on the face of the unit, and prevents the outer air without treatment to seep into the system.
The Filter

The standard filter is panel type prefilter with 65% efficiency, which has firm structure, long working life. The filter is installed on standard aluminium rails with removable access doors above or beside it, which makes it easily checked, changed and cleaned. Filters with higher efficiency and differential pressure gauge are also available.
  The fan

The fan is forward or backward curved centrifugal type with double inlets and is statically and dynamically balanced after assembly to ensure quiet and high frequency. It is equipped with SKF or NSK taper sheath bearings which average life is more than 75,000 hrs under designed conditions to reduce vibrations caused by normal eccentricity-lock bearings. The work life of main components such as blade, axis and scroll case is more than 15 years.

The Coil

All coils are optimized and designed with professional CAD software so that they can meet all kind of tropical conditions and can be designed and made in accordance with special applications of different customers.

Varied combinations of fin spaces and tube rows can satisfy a high range of cooling and heating applications. Film-coated aluminium fins or copper fins are also available for anticorrosion and acid / alkali resistance applications.The standard connector of water inlet / outlet is screw thread, and flange or yoke connector are optional.

All coils passed the leakage test with 2.5 MPa air.

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