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MKF1 - Front Intake

MKF1-Front Intake
MKF2 - Bottom Intake

MKF2-Bottom Intake
MKF3 - Concealed

Floor Standing FCU
  • Capacity range: 300 CFM to 900 CFM
  • Option of exposed and concealed type
  • Option of front and bottom air intake
  • In-built motorised valve
  • In-built digital thermostat
  • 3-Speed fan control
  • CHeating/Cooling compliant
  • Designed and tested in accordance with ARI440 and BS5141 standards
  • Economical and faster than AHU-ducting systems
  • Modular design for horizontal louver
  • Ideal for glass cabins and very low height applications
  • Elegant looks, sleek design
  • Eliminates false ceilings
Floor Standing FCU
  MKF1 - Front Intake Exposed
  MKF2 - Bottom Intake Exposed
  MKF3 - Bottom Intake Concealed
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