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  WATTS 67-0041-22C-UK
  Valves - On/off electrothermic actuators Series 22C
  Main Features
- 22C series available in the following versions :
• NA (Normally open)
• NC (Normally closed)
- 2-wire (Standard)
- 4-wire (With auxiliary contact)
- New compact design.
- Availability to check status of actuator (On/off) by transparent window on the cover
- CE Marked in accordance with the following standards :
• EEC EMC (CEI-EN 55104/95 ; CEI-EN55014/93), EMC directive EN 60730-1; EN 60730-2-14, low voltage directive
- ENEC approved.

The electrothermic actuators 22C series are ON/OFF devices used for automatic actuation of the valves on:
- thermostatic adaptable valves series 178UM, 1178UM, 179UM, 1179UM, 188UM, 1188UM, 189UM,
1189UM, 130UM, 131UM, 102M, 100M, 120B.
- reverse body valves series 180M
- fan coil valves series 2131, 3131, 4131
- manifolds series 822M
The electrothermic actuators are available in the following versions:
• NA (normally open)
• NC (normally closed)
• 2-wire (Standard) or 4-wire (with auxiliary contact).
Both easy to fix on the valve body with a threaded ring nut.
The electrothermic actuators are designed to run on 24V and 230V.

The electrothermic actuators series 22C, are used for ON/OFF control of the heat emission of terminal control
units in heating and air conditioning systems, through an electric signal transmitted by a room or timing
The use of electrothermic actuators instead of pure thermostatic actuators allows remote control. The room
thermostat, timing thermostat, or control component controlling the system can be situated in the most suitable
point of each room to provide regulation and wired back to the electrothermic control head.

Operation of the thermoelectric actuators series 22C depends on a wax thermostatic element mounted in the
actuators and activated by a PTC thermistor against a signal sent by a room thermostat (or timing thermostat).
When the thermostatic element expands, it supplies the thrust required for automatic movement of the valve. The 4-wire version is provided with an auxiliary contact for additional commands (metering, control of pump, fan or other equipment).
The actuator has a mechanical/visual zone that allows for the status of actuator to be seen by virtue of a
transparent zone on the actuator cover. Red = plug valve closed - Black = plug valve open.

Electrothermic actuator with wax thermostat element and auxiliary microswitch (only for versions NC4 and NA4).
Cable Ø = 7,2 mm.

Type Part number Power supply Weight (g)
22C 22C230NC2 230V 150
22C 22C24NC2 24V 150
22C 22C230NC4 230V 200
22C 22C24NC4 24V 200
22C 22C230NA2 230V 150
22C 22C24NA2 24V 150
22C 22C230NA4 230V 200
22C 22C24NA4 24V 200

Electrothermic actuator with wax thermostat element.
Cable Ø = 5,5 mm.

Type Part number Power supply Weight (g)
22C 22C230NC2-5 230V 150
22C 22C24NC2-5 24V 150
22C 22C230NA2-5 230V 150
22C 22C24NA2-5 24V 150
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