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  BALLOREX® Dynamic
Perfect flow with dynamic balancing

BROEN BALLOREX® Dynamic is a combined pressure independent flow limiter and control valve. The new and innovative range of dynamic balancing valves operates independently of changes in system pressure in water-based cooling or heating systems.

BROEN BALLOREX® Dynamic can operate either as an automatic flow limiter and control valve or, alternatively without the actuator, simply as an automatic flow limiter.
  Automatic flow limiter and control valve

Installed with an actuator the BROEN BALLOREX® Dynamic combines an automatic flow limiter and a 2-port control valve. With full control authority the valve reacts instantly and adjusts the flow as signalled by the Building Management System (BMS).

Since the setting of the valve is done by a horizontal reduction of the inlet area, it has no effect on the vertical stroke length of the actuators. Combined with the built-in pressure regulator this provides a 100% control authority in all situations.
  Automatic flow limiter

Without actuator BROEN BALLOREX® Dynamic is an automatic flow limiter. The designed maximum flow is easily set on the valve. Due to direct flow measuring the valve can be set with a high accuracy of +/- 3%, when using a flow meter.

The BROEN BALLOREX® Dynamic ensures that the pre-set flow rate is not exceeded at any point and automatically compensates for pressure fluctuations in the system.
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